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Thermoboost Energy Saving Additive 500ml

Thermoboost Energy Saving Additive 500ml
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Thermoboost is the result of over 7 years of development in fluid heat transfer technologies. This research has resulted in a super efficient additive for heating systems which improves the efficiency of wet water heating systems resulting in lower running costs. Thermoboost not only saves you money, but also keeps your house warmer, for longer.

  • Improves Heat Transfer
  • Reduces heating bills by up to 20%
  • Speeds up heating time
  • Simple to install

Can Thermoboost be used with my current Boiler and Radiators?

Thermoboost is compatible with all quality brands of boiler and radiator readily available on the market. As a completely neutral solution it will not have any effect on physical or magnetic filters and is compatible with corrosion inhibitors.

How long will Thermoboost last?

Thermoboost will continue to provide potential savings for up to 5 years however for maximum effectiveness we recommend that you refresh your system with an additional bottle after 3 years.

I have 9 radiators in my house how many bottles of Thermoboost do I need?

One 500ml bottle of Thermoboost concentrate or one injector cartridge is enough to treat approximately a 10 radiator system. We suggest you add one bottle up to 10 rads, 2 for up to 20 rads and so on.

Is Thermoboost suitable for underfloor heating?

Thermoboost is ideally suited for use in water filled underfloor heating systems and offers all the usual advantages of faster warm up, improved efficiency and improved heat retention.

Is Thermoboost safe for the environment?

Neutral Thermoboost is completely safe, presents no risk to the environment and is safe for animals. Indeed the benefits of improved efficiency offer huge benefits to us and our planet.

If I spill Thermoboost will it stain my carpet?

Most spills can be readily cleaned up with soap and water and even if you spill a large amount of concentrate onto the carpet a proprietary carpet cleaner should remove any mark.

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